Acquista anche tu la nostra Corallina lunga, un regalo speciale!
We are proud to introduce our Salame Corallina 110 – a long version of our classical Corallina – with wooden cutting board, perfect for the upcoming Christmas holidays! Corallina Sorrentino salami is obtained with lean pork meats (shoulders and belly) and the mixing is completed by adding cubic lardels. For more infos feel free to
The Salumificio Sorrentino is proud to present the new ‘Black Label’, which will wear some home-specialties like Coppa, Filetti e Guanciali. The graphic restyling exalts sophistication and exclusivity, using a black color and a lightweight, refined texture through a style of particular elegance, classic and sober. Starting from the visuals of the labels of our
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The pig tradition has ancient roots in Abruzzo with several literary testimonies that confirm it. Basilio Cascella, through his works, documented and handed down, between the end of the XVIII century, the centrality of the pig in the urban spaces of the Abruzzi cities, underlining the ancient function of the pig as ‘welcomed as an
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logo Cibus 2018
Salumificio Sorrentino has confirmed its participation at Cibus, the International Food Show and best reference of Italian agro-food market, from 7 to 10 May 2018 in Parma.
It took place last May 6th addressed to the Italian community. Organized by our historic importer, Salumificio Sorrentino has offered its tasting products to the Italian comunity who live in the English city. Thanks to Simona and Andrea for organiziation.  
Corallina is a well-known salami in Rome, but its origins are Umbrian. In ancient times it was produced by a few butchers only for the Easter period: it was an essential element of the breakfast that was consumed on the morning of Easter Sunday, accompanied with typical cheese pizza, with boiled eggs and wine drinking!


Salumificio Sorrentino will take part along with the company Codice Citra at Vinitaly 2017 in Verona from 9 to 12 April 2017. The goal, as in previous editions, is to match the wines and meats to present the excellence products of Abruzzo. During the fair there will be tastings guided by expert sommeliers and other