■ What is the Animal Welfare?

The Animal welfare is a state of complete physical and mental health, in which the animal is in harmony with its environment: it is essential for the fulfillment of their behavioral needs of the species and it is clear that animal welfare is strongly influenced by the parameters environmental that are in close dependence with human.

Since man controls both the holding space is necessary to keep under control and to change the situations which may influence the state of health of animals and thus on the performance and quality of food of animal origin.

■ How Salumificio Sorrentino guarantees the respect of animal welfare?

Salumificio Sorrentino, following the supply chain from the origin, guarantees and ensures animal welfare in the first place by selecting rigidly farms and certificandoli as qualified suppliers only where there are requirements.

Upon upcoming of the pig, the veterinary and the Stable Manager (already formed in the field) occurs and ensure that there is strict compliance with the principles of the Welfare Quality:

• Good nutrition: with the daily satisfaction of the nutrition and water needs of the animals;

• Good housing: freedom and ease of movement, comfort during rest, thermal comfort, adequate lighting;

• Good health: the absence of injury, disease or pain;

• Appropriate animal’s behavior: possibilities of expression of social behaviors, good human animal interactions, positive emotional state;

• Transport and adequate movements: on time and respect the spaces.

All in accordance with the European Law of Animal Welfare (Decreto legislativo 26 marzo 2001, n. 146 | Attuazione della direttiva 98/58/CE relativa alla protezione degli animali negli allevamenti and the Decreto legislativo 7 luglio 2011, n. 122 | Attuazione della direttiva 2008/120/CE che stabilisce le norme minime per la protezione dei suini).

■ Are there used ANTIBIOTICS on pigs?

Pigs, like human beings, can be affected by illnesses or influences: in this cases antibiotics becomes necessary to restore normal animal health and to prevent that other animals are infected.

Salumificio Sorrentino obtains for each slaughter session, a farmer/breeder DECLARATION in which:
• it’s declares that NO antibiotics have been used;
YES, antibiotics have been used, but in respect to the suspension times provided by the medications used (ie the amount of time needed for the animal’s body to remove the medicine residue before being slaughtered, thus excluding any human health effects).


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