Stabilimento Sorrentino

Stabilimento SorrentinoThe plant  is located in Villa Romagnoli of Mozzagrogna (Chieti) on a plot of 56,290 square meters from the plateau frentano it overlooks the Sangro Valley in the middle of Mount Majella and the Adriatic Sea at about 7 km from ‘highway A14 exit Lanciano. The exterior is characterized by large service yards and vast green spaces equipped with trees and valuable plantations.

Built in accordance with the latest EEC regulations, identifying carefully the latest technology with extensive research throughout the world and lasted several years, it can be considered one of the most functional and technologically advanced factories.

For a specific choice once the safety of the final product, it includes the entire production cycle, from slaughter to aging, ensuring the timely control of every stage of the production cycle. The parking stalls are equipped with the most modern solutions for the hospitality and care of the live pig.

The slaughtering plant, has great capacity to work gathering all the best technological innovations in the field worldwide, all to facilitate the production of a high quality product. All the machining paths (starting from slaughter) were physically defined to ensure recognition and the traceability of the product in the various stages of processing.

The cutting room, very large and functional to facilitate proper and smooth machining, constitutes the heart of the plant and to it the meat coming from a cooling tunnel and then be sorted into pieces, to different processes, to the main one of the sausages, direct packaging or storage of hams and fresh meat.

The preparation area and bagging, which is also very large, is made from a dough of the preparation room with local annexes for spices and aromas and a bagging room for washing with local annexes.

A plan of the plant (about 4,000 square meters.) Is dedicated to the drying process, curing meats, and packaging of finished products. The shipping departments are separated for fresh meat and cured products each equipped with loading docks served by automatic lifting platforms.

Special attention was devoted to the respect of the surrounding environment. The complex has in fact the most advanced technologies for the different treatment of processing waste and also a bio-filter which provides for purification of air sucked by avoiding any external odors in the air dispersion.