Why choose our products? These are our strengths:

Supply Chain Security

 Salumificio Sorrentino in order to get quality and safety on the final product, makes the entire production process in its own factory in Mozzagrogna.

Sorrentino Family

Since three generations, all family members working daily in the company: from craft wisdom Marino Sorrentino, master of the art of charcuterie then passed down to his son Giovanni and his grandchildren Marino and Orestes.

Wide product range

More than 90 items in the catalog including salami, cured hams, guanciale, pancetta, mortadella, cooked hams and many others.

Craftsmanship and tradition

Since 1982 our working methods are still the same: craftsmanship, passion and love.


Salumificio Sorrentino holds the prestigious BRC and IFS certifications.

Abruzzo’s gastronomic specialities

One of the most important salami producer of Abruzzo, a region of art delicatessen.

Factory Slaughterhouse

In the internal factory slaughterhouse every week are processed approximately 1,000 pigs.

Gluten Free

All our products are Gluten Free


Salumificio Sorrentino follows the supply chain from the origin, guarantees and ensures animal welfare in the first place by selecting rigidly farms and certificate as qualified suppliers only where there are strongly requirements respected.

Salumificio Sorrentino guarantees the traceability of raw materials and finished products, through an advanced system that uses an RFID microchip system.

Salumificio Sorrentino, in various stages of preparation and processing of meat and cold cuts, does not use ingredients containing gluten.