Coppa (pork lion)

(Italiano) Pezzatura di circa 1,350 kg, prodotto sfuso.
Consegna in 3 gg lavorativi, per consentirci un’adeguata preparazione della merce.

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The Coppa Sorrentino (or pork loin) is bagged in a natural casing and its weight is around kg. 1,350.

The taste is sweet and spiced.

It is available also in the spicy variation (to be request during completion order).

The Coppa Sorrentino has charateristics that make it unique:
• The meat that is used come from the internal slaughter and the anatomic part is worked from fresh, without termical alteration.
• The trimming and the cleaning take place from fresh and they are done by masters butcher; the product is massaged and mixed with natural spices and it will rest during a week, to absorbe flavours and aroma that will confer it a unmistakable taste.
• A next aromatization with spices is hand made, to guarantee the homogeneity on all product surface.
• At the end of the process, the slow aging let to get an excellent result and an incredible product, great both as for cuisine (antipasto, typical dishes) and as enjoy it as a simple sliced, in line with a perfect norcina traditrion from Sorrentino’s family.

Additional information

Weight 1350 g
Dimensions 14 × 13 × 29 cm
Shel Life

minimo 90 giorni garantiti dalla consegna


Carne di suino, sale, destrosio, zucchero, aromi naturali. Antiossidante: E 300. Conservanti: E 250, E 252. SENZA GLUTINE. Contiene tracce di LATTE e LATTOSIO. Budello non edibile.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100 g di prodotto:

Energia: 1299 kJ / 313 kcal
Grassi: 24,2 (di cui saturi 9,2)
Carboidrati: 0,6 (di cui zuccheri: 0)
Proteine: 23,2
Sale: 3,1


Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto.


Il prodotto sarà inviato intero sfuso.

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