Original Abruzzo’s Salami Ventricina Ball

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(Italiano) Pezzatura di circa 1,400 kg, in confezione sottovuoto per garantirne la migliore qualità.
Consegna in 3 gg lavorativi, per consentirci un’adeguata preparazione della merce.

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The ventricina is a tipical product from Abruzzo region, passed down from generations by  families  farmer and appreciated from the time of  Borboni.

Tecnical note: the Sorrentino ventricina, due to the geographical proximity, is a Vastese kind (not to be confused with Teramana kind, soft and spreadable), and is an ancient cured meat, made with a natural casing, rendered typical by its peculiar shape of balloon or little flask, with a grading between 1,5 and 2 Kg.

The recipe provides for knife cuts of lean ham, loin, fillet and bacon, expertly flavored with salt, garlic, ground pepper and wild fennel.
When the meat is ready, is added sweet crushed pepper from Altino (renowned city in Abruzzo for this product where every year is organized a dedicate festival) and a small amount of hot pepper.
After 48 hours of rest, the mixture is stuffed in a natural pork bladder: originally has been used the pork stomach, and that’s the reason where the name come from.
The aging needs at least 60 days.

The colour is reddish, the grinding is big and uneven, where easily we can identify meat and fat that make-up the product.
For years the abruzzese Ventricina is considered one of the most natural tasty product in Italy.

Prodotto Red Award al Merano Wine Festival.


Additional information

Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 19 cm
Shel life

90gg garantiti alla consegna

Valori nutrizionali

Energia: 1323 kJ / 318 kcal
Grassi: 21,1 (di cui saturi 7,7)
Carboidrati: 2,4 (di cui zuccheri: 1,7)
Proteine: 29,5
Sale: 4,3


Carne di suino, sale, proteine del LATTE, LATTE scremato in polvere, LATTOSIO, destrosio, zucchero, aromi naturali. Antiossidanti: E 300 Acido
ascorbico, E 301 Ascorbato di sodio. Conservanti: E 252 Nitrato di potassio, E 250 Nitrito di sodio. Budello non edibile. SENZA GLUTINE.


Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto.


Se acquistato on-line, il prodotto sarà inviato in sottovuoto per garantirne la conservazione ottimale.

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